Cubase Certified Video Tutorials + I Was A Boy 2

I started a thread at about tutorial videos.  The latest to come out are ‘Steinberg Certified’ from SWA, a respected company in this field.  They’ve released a teaser video, which I’ve seen and seems OK as far as it goes.

Check out the thread below: • View topic – Cubase Certified Video Tutorials.

At the moment I really want to get to grips with audio warping.  I can do it fine, I just want to be really comfortable with it in a variety of situations.  I’m using it in I Was A Boy, the new track, perhaps for the first time at any real level.  It’s fun and effective.

Progress is being made with the arrangement.  I haven’t settled on it yet, but it’s coming.


Hi And Welcome

Steinberg Creativity First

Steinberg Creativity First


This is the first post of an (hopefully) interesting journey using Steinberg’s Cubase 7 to realise ideas that have been floating about my creative head for a while now.

First of all though, just a few words about me.  I’m a retired music teacher who was lucky enough to be teaching when music technology really made a breakthrough with the advent of MIDI in 1983.  Since then, I’ve followed developments with both a keen interest and as a practising musician in my home studio, writing for video and fun.

I’ve used Steinberg products since the Pro24 sequencer for the Atari (God bless the Atari).  I was also lucky enough with Denise my Wife, to meet David Nicholson from Steinberg in 1989.  He gave us a disk of the then unreleased Cubase 1 for the Atari, which changed the ball game in terms of what a sequencer could do and look like.  Armed also with a Midex on the Atari, the studio came to life.

I had a few years off from music in the mid 90s and thereby didn’t keep up with developments in the music technology world.  I came back with Cubase SX3 and the changes were enormous.  A steep leaning curve had to be climbed, including the work that could be done with audio.

Now it’s the turn of Cubase 7.  The adventure begins.  Feel free to come with me – I hope you enjoy it.