I Was A Boy 1 (Working Project)

I’m currently working on a piece that is really making me learn some of Cubase 7’s functions.  Possibly top of that list is the Track Presets.

Here’s what it looks like so far..


Not really a big project, but I’ve bounced down several tracks.  I do wish by the way, that Steinberg could colour the tracks as well as the parts, both in the Project Windows and the MixConsole.  Perhaps in Cubase 7.0.3?

My keyboard is a Yamaha KX8, which I find perfect for my use.  I don’t use the on-board controls much, except perhaps the transport controls.  The action is lovely and just makes me want to play.

This song doesn’t yet have a fixed title.  Style wise, it’s a cross between Stevie Wonder (Innervisions) and Steely Dan (Aja).  I use the Arturia Moog VST on this, which has a lovely flowing quality about it

I’ve used Track Presets on the tracks here.  I find them a useful starting point, but some of them (drums), just don’t seem to do the job very well out of the box.  Cymbals seem to me to lose life.  Perhaps it’s my fault – I can’t claim to be the world’s greatest when it comes to mixing.

I really enjoy this version of Cubase.  Looking at the forums, a lot of users don’t like the colour scheme, but I do.  I really like the MixConsole, but like some others, I’m not yet comfortable with the rotary controls on the channel strip when using a mouse.  I’ll get there.  I really like the track viewing choices.  I have a dual screen system, and usually use one screen for the MixConsole.  That’s a big improvement over Cubase 6.5.

Updates to follow when I’ve worked on this piece a little more.

2 thoughts on “I Was A Boy 1 (Working Project)

  1. A bit off the topic…. But I see you are using a KX8 and Cubase 7. I am also doing the same, however I can not seem to get the vst instruments to see the midi info coming from the KX8. I have all the remote control functions of the KX8… play, stop, etc, but no sounds when I play the keys. I have set all midi ports according to the KX8 manual, and see midi action on the cubase transport, but the vst instruments do not.
    Any advice would be great.

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